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What the mobile phone repeater?

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What the mobile phone repeater?

Issue Time:2018-08-13

Mobile phone signal amplifier (cell phone signal intensifier, micro repeater, mobile phone signal companion, mobile phone signal access, mobile phone signal importer, because of the rapid development of China's mobile communications, mobile communications users have increased, as well as less cellular planning, base station position is getting lower; on the other hand, with the development of urban construction , high-rise buildings continue to emerge, based on the shadow effect of wireless transmission, in these high-rise buildings behind or the middle layer will form the signal blind area of mobile communication. In addition, the cellular mobile communication base station in the construction process, because to avoid the interference of neighboring communities, the antenna radiation field direction of the main flap has a larger dip angle, even high-rise buildings in the upper part of the general can not effectively receive signals. Also, because of the shielding effect of buildings and other electromagnetic waves, so that tunnels, subways, underground malls, casinos, car parks and hotels, office buildings and other closed large buildings can not normally receive mobile communication signals. 

The cell phone signal amplifier is specially designed to solve the blind spot of the mobile phone. Because the mobile phone signal is to rely on the spread of electromagnetic waves to establish communication links, because of building barriers, in some tall buildings inside, basement and other places, some shopping malls, restaurants, karaoke sauna massage and other entertainment venues, underground Civil air defense projects, subway stations and many other places, mobile phone signals can not be reached and Cell phone signal amplifier can solve these problems well, as long as in a specific place to install a mobile phone signal amplifier system, the entire range of mobile signal can be used very well, to the inside staff or guests to bring great convenience.

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