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What if coverage area is small?

What if coverage area is small?

Update Time:2019-12-10

A. Determine the signal strength of the outdoor antenna (usually not less than -50DBM), check whether the display shows full grid, the stronger thesignal input, the stronger the amplifier input, no signal input amplifier, orthe input signal is weak, the amplifier input signal is also weak, Or nooutput.

B. Make sure that the length of the outdoor antenna tothe amplifier circuit does not exceed 50 meters, the line connector is properlyintact, the circuit material meets thestandard, and the distributorsconnected not too many.

C. Make sure that the length of the indoor antenna to theamplifier circuit does not exceed 30 meters. The line connectors connected well and the circuit material meets to the standard.

D. Replacewith more powerful cell phone signalamplifiers.

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